Saturday, September 29, 2012

#FitBloggin12 Day 1: Weight Watchers Feature-Breakfast Recipes

WOW! WHAT.A.WEEKEND! I did not expect to have such an amazing time at the FitBloggin Conference this weekend. I got spend some great quality time with my current fit friends aka #BMOREToned and with new fit friends! We found out for FitBloggin13 it will be in Portland! I am so stoked to go next year.

Learned some great tips, tried some recipes, and experimented with new workouts(yes-Zumba..I have never did it until this weekend!) I will be setting up new posts and including some giveaways in those posts. There was so much there to recap on that I am going to have to do more than one post! So lets start with Day 1! I am going to be showing off the breakfast recipes that Weight Watchers did for us that morning.

Friday, Sept 21st-Yoga & Weight Watchers host FitBloggin Breakfast! 
 We kicked it off with yoga bright and early at 6am! Yoga is so peaceful and refreshing in the morning, builds up a nice sweat and gets your body moving.
The #BMOREToned gals starting from the left is: Brittany, myself-Jami, Annie, & Kate 

We started with an amazing breakfast hosted by Weight Watchers. First of all, for some reason I have never really liked Weight Watchers. I never feel like I have time with the point system and I was always afraid it wasnt fresh and real. Well did they prove me wrong that morning! All the foods were delish and had great nutrition facts with them.  Check out the recipes below:

Around the dish we have the Weight Watchers Cheesy Quinoa Frittata, next to the right of that is the Cheese Stuffed Turkey Breakfast Sausage, bowl of Hot Quinoa Breakfast Cereal, and my fav Muesli Berry Breakfast!

Cheesy Quinoa Frittata 
Weight Watchers Breakfast Items

Hot Quinoa Breakfast Cereal
Weight Watchers Breakfast

Muesli Berry Breakfast

Cheese Stuffed Turkey Breakfast Sausage(these would be great for an app for tailgating too!)
Weight Watchers, Tailgate food, breakfast

Let me know if you have used the Weight Watchers system before. Would love to hear more about it!
Also, try the new recipes from above! They are so good!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bday dinner, moving, & Sunday Prep!

What a great relaxing weekend, still busy but it was so nice to be home! Like I mentioned before I am in the middle of moving! Hence why I am writing my posts and then dont finish them until later. Friday I had a birthday dinner with my friends and the rest of the weekend was to start moving.

 So went on a big grocery haul and bulked up the following:

Fruit cut and ready to go for the week!

Cooked chicken to throw into salads
A batch of Quiona for salads, sides, and as "oatmeal" 

Zico lifesavers for my sweet tooth!
Protein PB Balls

What items do you prep for the week to eat clean and stay healthy?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What I ate Wednesday! Bootcamp Sesh 2

Hi gang!
 I meant to put this post up on Thursday morning but I didnt get home until late. September is already packed. This weekend is the only one that I can move most of my stuff, chill, and relax. The next few weekends I have something going on. Insane.

I wanted to share what I had on Wednesday...busy day with meetings but I managed to eat well on the go!

Breakfast: egg whites, tomatoes, and avocado. Grapes on the side.

Lunch: Smoothie (spinach, strawberries, 1/2 banana, soy, some pb, and protein), some veggies and hummus to crunch on. 

Snack: Veggies and hummus leftover from lunch

Dinner: Whole Wheat Pizza with ham, veggies, and light cheese. Green salad on the side. 
Workouts: in the morning I did a 20 min jog..slowest jog everrrr! My legs were so heavy!  PM-I knocked out a 30 min cardio sesh. 

Bootcamp on Thursday: LOTS OF SPRINTS!! Jog, Sprint up the ramp x5. We worked our legs, abs, and tri's. Such a tough workout class but Im loving it!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bootcamp check in! Holy Hell I HURT!

Welp! I did the bootcamp this morning at my gym. Thank god I had a workout buddy there with me. This ish was so hard! I went in thinking I would have no problems. Well.. Was I wrong. Im sitting here now in soreness and pain..good soreness and pain though. Like hell yeah I worked out hard as shit today! Such a great feeling. I forgot what that feels like sometimes because I have been taking it easy on my knee. Here is the breakdown of the class today.

Last an hour, outside! Kind of chilly..feels like fall already! Crazy!

I started 15 mins prior of this class to do some sort of warm up..guess what def didnt need it. Just did the elliptical

Started jog from gym to a parking garage like .5 mile away (never though of this but its tough)
Start jog then spring up the ramp, jog to the next level, then sprint up the ramp (4 levels) Dying already!
Stop at the top, then did lunges forward down to one side and then backwards lunges on the way back x3
Frogger jumps back and forth (wall to wall) then sprint wall to wall and repeat x 3
Side Shuffle wall to wall then at the stop to each wall do 20 pushups x 4
Run down the stairs then sprint up the levels again(sprint ramps) x 2
Run back to the gym
Abs and pushups for 15 mins on bosu.

Now I can feel every muscle in my body sore! True story! Try this out and see how you feel.
Plans for tomorrow-cardio and YOGA!

Monday, September 10, 2012

@toneitup Tues & Wednesday all planned out!

What a weekend! Work was fun but crazy!!  The Tough Mudder in Mid-Atlantic was insane! Between the traffic and weather, it was a hot mess. But we had a blast. I was in a sleeping coma from yesterday until today pretty much. I got a mani/pedi and massage. Feel like a million bucks already. Ready to get it going tomorrow. I already went grocery shopping to get my clean eating on for this week!

Here is my plan for the week:

BC: Cardio & Bootcamp
M1: Green Juice
M2: Zico Chocolate Water
M3: Green Smoothie w/ protein
M4: Veggies and avocado hummus
M5: Chicken and salad
PM WO: Cardio

BC: Cardio & Cxworx
M1: Green Juice
M2: Protein Pancake
M3: Smoothie
M4: Veggies and hummus
M5: Turkey and green beans
PM WO: Cardio & Yoga

Just taking it day by day and staying focus.

Right now-checking out my budget now and getting ready for the month of Sept. Trying to accomplish my goals for this month!

How was your Monday?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

#Humpday Check in! My week so far! Check out who Keoni is too!

Trying to stick with my goals ladies! Getting post #2 on the books for this week. I love checking in with you all because it gives me a chance to wind down a bit and recap on life throughout the week. Sounds silly but the weeks fly past me sometimes. Work and life get so hectic that I feel like I just wake up, run around, then pass out. Wake up and do it aallll over again.

Also, this will be good to check in for myself on eating, working out, and overall healthy habits.. so here we go. PS..did I mention its been a nutzo week?!

Monday-Off work. It was awesome! Great workout for 120 mins, clean eating. Couldnt feel better. Cindy(one of the girls from the TIU program) and I decided to check in with each other and support/motivate/kick each other in the ass throughout the week. I had an event coming up and she is traveling.

Tuesday-Back at work! Bootycall with cardio/yoga. Clean eating..check! Boyfriend went to the doc and he was admitted for surgery the next day. AHHH the madness!
PM workout was with Keoni with his drenched class. Check out this video:

This class is killer..but I LOVE IT! After just that one class I could feel every muscle in my body. I have muscles hurting that I had no clue I had!

 Group photo with all the girls who participated from work! Love this!

Wednesday: Wow was this the longest day everrrr! Did my bootycall workout at 6am with cardio. Boyfriend had surgery, they called him in super early so that threw my day off. Remind you I am planning an event this weekend and its a short work. 
All day healthy cleaning eating excecpt for dinner. I was super exhausted...mentally and physically that I needed carbs. So I went with a grilled cheese and turkey sando w/ soup. Plus, a cup of fruity pebbles. So basically I had a 10 year old's dinner. Right? Redic! I was just so tired that I just wanted to veg out. Enough of that nonsense! 

Thursday: Today... no bootycall. whomp whomp. Healthy eating all day. Taught my class today as well and added some cardio for 20 mins. I didnt bust it hard today but it was left with a positive note. 

So overall not too bad. Its just when I am tired and stressed..I eat and dont have time or too tired to workout. Need to make some changes or make some things different when work gets hectic. Any tips?

Stay tuned about the crazy weekend with Tough Muddeerrrr!

Monday, September 3, 2012

September @toneitup Calendar which means new GOALS & Events!

Okay.. its September already but fall isnt here yet! Im already seeing pumpkin coffees, candles, cakes, etc. Im not ready for fall just yet. I love summer time and I never want it to end. I am excited for a new month! I have an exciting new month ahead of me.

Lets check out the new calendar:

So something on here listed for Sept 4th is new goals. Im going to go ahead and post mine!

1.) Workout 5-6x a week. (5 days of cardio, 4 days weight training, 2 days yoga) pretty good breakdown..right?
2.) Get 8 hours of sleep. (lately I have been only getting good!)
3.) Update my blog x4. (Need these check in's for myself)
4.) Only 1-2 cheat meals a week.
5.) Going on the money source right now.. but monthly budget and sticking to it!  I just read a great book called The Total Money Makeover. Awesome points and its inspired me to track my money better.

Fresh start! Work isnt too crazy this month so I feel like I am not setting myself up for no excuses!!

September EVENTS! 

Sept 15th: Bon Iver concert. Boyfriend bought us tickets. I heard its amazing concert!!

Sept 20-23rd: FITBLOGGIN 2012!!!  Super excited for this conference! I am going to learn so much and to meet beautiful people who are inspired by fitness and healthy eating.


Sept 25th: Happy 1 year to me and my boyfriend! Anddddd...we are moving in together! So super busy week of moving and getting my stuff organized.

Sept 29th: Visiting some friends from college! So road trip to Annville, PA. I went to Lebanon Valley my first year and I am still friend with everyone that was on my hockey team. Should be a good time!

So leaving this on a inspirational note! What are YOUR GOALS?